• Install or Replace Chimney Caps and Screens

  • Dead Carcass Removal and Deodorizing

  • Prevention Advice for the Do-It-Yourselfer

  • Nuisance Animal Prevention Seminars

  • Senior Discounts


  • Inspection of Building and Property

  • Trapping of Nuisance Animals

  • Animal Damage Repairs and Prevention (Read Prevention Methods Below)

  • Roof and Gable Vents Replaced or Re-Screened

Residential and Commercial Services Include:

Throughout our over 20 years of operation, we have equipped our company with some of the best and most effective products and tools for trapping and excluding animals, repairing damage, and preventing future problems.
We offer a one-year guarantee on all our repairs and preventions. We offer a five-year warranty on all of the chimney caps that we install.

Prevention Checklist

  • Install Chimney Caps or Screens

  • Check Roof Vents

  • Check Attic Fan to Verify Screen Is Still Secure

  • Check Gable and Soffit Vents for Damage

  • Cover Bathroom Fan Vents

  • Check Roof for Moisture-Damaged Wood

  • Check for Gaps Where Roof Lines Meet or Overlap

  • Close All Gaps ¼ – ½ Inch or Larger

  • Seal Areas Where Pipes, Cables and Wires Enter Home

  • Keep Trash in Tightly Closed Containers

  • Keep Garage Doors Closed

  • Trim Overhanging Tree Branches Away from Roof Area

  • Clean-Up Brush Piles

  • Cut Low-Growing Shrubs

  • Store Firewood at Least 12 Inches Above Ground

  • Do Not Leave Pet Dishes Outside

  • Clean-Up Pet Droppings

  • Use ¼ Inch – 18 Gauge Hardware Cloth for Re-Screening

  • Screen Around Decks and Gazebos

More Tips

  • Bird Feeders and Fish Ponds Attract Wildlife

  • Pet Doors Are an Open Invitation to an Unwanted Varmint

  • Mulch, if Not Treated, Holds Insects that Attract Wildlife to Dig

  • Porch Lights, if Left on, Will Attract the Insects that Draw Bats in to Roost by Doors

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